Deep Hole Honing Head

Deep Hole Honing Head Series

Deep Hole Honing Head is suitable for cylinder deep hole fine machining, After machining roughness Ra 0.4-0.2um.

deep hole Honing processing is an efficient processing method that enables the workpiece surface to achieve high precision, high surface quality, and long life. It can effectively improve dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and reduce Ra value. It can process cast iron, hardened and non-hardened parts. Hardened steel parts and bronze parts, etc., honing is widely used in mass production to process cylinder bores, cylinder bores,valve bores and various barrels, etc.

Honing head is a kind of tool for grinding holes, which is cylindrical. Because the holes of honing parts are large, small, deep and shallow, the structure and shape of honing heads are different, including ordinary honing heads, deep hole honing heads, shallow hole honing heads and step hole honing heads. Although the structure is slightly different due to different uses, the following basic conditions must be met for any kind of honing head:
(1) The pressure of the oilstone on the honing head on the machined part surface can be adjusted freely and kept within a certain range;
(2) During the honing process, the oilstone can freely and uniformly expand and contract in the radial direction of the shaft;
(3) During honing, the oilstone on the honing head shall automatically stop expanding after the size of the part hole meets the requirements.
The honing head for honing deep holes, the honing head for honing holes with keyways, the honing head for honing stepped holes and other honing heads, most of which are hydraulically controlled. The advantage of using hydraulic control to control the expansion and contraction of oilstone is that during honing, the pressure of oilstone on the part surface is uniform, the grinding is stable, and there is no vibration, and the production efficiency is relatively high. However, the structure of this kind of honing head is relatively complex, and it can only be used on a special hydraulic transmission honing machine. Generally, it may not be suitable for small and medium-sized repair plants. When honing parts on a honing machine refitted from other machine tools, it is better to use a mechanically driven honing head to manually control the expansion and contraction of the oilstone. The honing head is simple in structure, convenient in manufacture, economical and practical.


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Specifications table

Honing head size Honing bar size
≥40-50 35
≥50-80 45
≥80-120 70
≥120-200 85
≥200-500 100

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