This article will help you how to choose china deep hole BTA drill head from a special china BTA drill head manufacturer.

With the development of manufacture made in china,deep hole drilling machine and deep hole drill technology application in the world,according to many years manufacture and sale experience,we have below suggestion about how to choose china deep hole drill head: need to know deep hole drilling processing different type:

It has big hole BTA deep hole drill head, gun drill drill head,ejector drill head, trepanning drill head,Reaming Drill etc.

2.choose reliable supplier and see use performance.

This carbide material is very important to cutting tool use, material choose has great effect to quality and life of drill head, so our company choose quality reliable and stable international import material,and through our company good machining and perfect quality control, it can arrive best effect and long life of drilltools.

3.Good technology communication.

A good technology communication is good ensure for your right choose. In general, you will tell contact person what is your need.

  • big hole or small hole?
  • hole diameter?
  • hole machining depth?
  • Workpiece material?
  • Workpiece machining processing discussion?
  • Some hole drawing demand?
  • Some times, you have to provide workpiece drawing.
  • In addition, may be you also have deep hole drilling machine need, you also can tell contact person what machine you need etc.

Above content ,we hope they can help you from a china BTA drill head manufacturer.

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