Differences in deep hole drilling systems

Here are some suggestion from china deep hole drill machine manufacturer.

In deep hole drilling, the combination of tool structure and cutting fluid pressure is to discharge chips from the hole. These three different drilling systems are universal.
All three systems are capable of drilling holes with excellent surface quality, small tolerances and good concentricity.

Two pipe ejector drill system

It is similar to the single pipe drilling system, but its bit is connected with the inner and outer drill pipes. The cutting fluid flows through the drill bit between the inner and outer drill pipes, and the cutting fluid is completely in the drill body instead of passing through the surface of the drill bit. The chips flow out of the outer drill pipe and then flow through the inner drill pipe inside the drill body.

This independent system requires less pressure than the single pipe drilling system, and can usually be installed in the general machine tool without major transformation of the machine tool.

Single pipe drilling system

The cutting fluid with high pressure flows through the outer drill pipe between the drill bit and the drilled hole. The drill handle itself is empty, and the cutting fluid carries the chips to the drill body, flows through the chip discharge slot in the drill bit, and then discharges the drill pipe.
The high cutting fluid pressure makes the single pipe drilling system more reliable than the spray and suction drilling system, especially when it is difficult to obtain good chip breaking performance for drilling materials (such as low-carbon steel and stainless steel).
Single pipe drilling system is always the first choice for long-term continuous processing.

Gun drill system

The handle of the gun drill is also empty. The cutting fluid supplied from the outside flows through the delivery pipe in the drill bit and forcibly flows through the hole in the cutting head. There is a V-shaped groove along the length direction on the outside of the drill handle. The cutting fluid carries the chips through the V-shaped groove and finally discharges the chips from the hole through the outside of the drill. Gun drills can be used in common machining centers, but high pressure cutting fluid is required.

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