The deep hole drilling machine type choose principle

As you know  deep hole drilling machine, but may be you do not know how to choose deep hole drilling machine, what is choose priciple?

below article will tell you some knowleage about this.

For trouble free production, please give priority to the use of ejector drilling and single pipe drill with indexable blade and fixed blade slot for deep hole drilling. Deep hole drilling is characterized by high precision and high metal removal rate.

Deep hole drilling refers to the processing of relatively large hole depth to diameter ratio. However, the hole depth produced by normal drilling technology rarely exceeds 5 times the diameter. In deep hole drilling, this ratio can be as high as 150:1. In addition, any hole with a depth greater than 10 times the diameter should be called a deep hole, which requires the support of a specific drilling technology.

A variety of machine tool installation methods can be used for deep hole drilling: rotating workpiece, rotating cutter, and both cutter and workpiece rotate. However, when the tool moves in linear feed mode, the most common installation method is to use the workpiece rotation mode.

No matter what machine tool installation method is adopted, the basic principle of drilling is that it is still crucial to apply and correct the selection of cutting speed and feed. It is necessary that the cutting edge has good chip breaking and chip removal performance without damaging the tool and workpiece.

Gun drill can drill smaller diameter holes than single pipe drilling system (STS), but single pipe drilling system has higher productivity (4-6 times) than gun drill, so single pipe drilling system should always be preferred whenever possible. When drilling small diameter holes in batches and the single pipe drilling system cannot meet the specific processing requirements, please select the spray suction drilling system.

deep hole drilling has developed to many type, such as Gun drills, BTA deep hole drilling machine, ejector deep hole drilling machine, deep hole boring machine etc.