Advantages of using deep hole machine for machining

1.Using deep hole machine for machining has below feature:high-pressure, high-flow, recyclable cooling fluids provides effective cooling and easy chip removal, creating conditions for high-speed continuous cutting.

2.High cutting speed: When machining common carbon steel, the cutting speed can reach 120m/min, and for non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, it can reach 300m/min by using deep hole machine.

3.Large feed rate: Due to the sufficient drill pipe support structure designed into the equipment, the feed rate for gun drilling can reach S=0.01-0.16mm/r, and for internal chip removal BTA drill methods, it can reach S=0.16-0.3mm/r.

4.Good surface finish: The roughness of the machined surface can be achieved at Ra3.2-0.4μm in a single drilling operation.

5.High hole diameter accuracy: The accuracy of the deep hole machine machining hole can reach IT7-IT9.

deep hoel machining include gun dril machining, Bta drill machining and trepanning drill  machining, every machining both have themself feature, you can according to hole making feature and your workpiece machining demand, choose suitable machining method.

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