how to regrinding gundrill angles

this article is to help you know regrinding gundrill drill head angle. you can know more by gundrill drill head introduction.

PS: We can adjust the angles according to the material being drilled and accuracy requirements.

Attentions for Edge Grinding of carbide Gun Drill:

1.Gun drill shall be compulsorily ground regularly. In other words, reg rinding shall be conducted in case back wear extent of the cutter reaches the indicated size.

2.The feed amount each time for grinding shall not be excessive, which may cause the carbide drill bit cracking and breaking, leading to personal injury.

3.The stressing direction of the bit in grinding shall be toward the cutter shim to prevent cutter damage resulted from drill stem shaking.

regrinding gundrill need a special gundrill grinding machine, we named GD-600Q Gun Drill Sharpening Machine

GD-600 Standard gun drill sharpening machine adopt precision rolling track, high-speed motor. The motion is smooth and the friction is small. Grinder can rotate in horizontal and vertical plane. Widely applicable to machine tools with sharpening Fixture can be accurate and effective grinding a variety of gun drill.50Q Gun Drills Gun Drill Sharpening Fixture is specialized used in dedicated tooling the compact structure, of setup is reasonable and convenient, adjustment is simple, processing is time-saving(once setup to be completed by all angle grinding), the processing of drilling edge, high precision, good accuracy.

Grinding range is φ 5-φ 32


  1. The operating table adopts the imported high-precision linear ball slide rail which can ensure the table stable and easy tooperate.
  2. The machine can be matched with different fittings in lines with tools to grind so as to grinddrillbit,screwtap,end-millingcutter.R-shapedturningtool,R-shapedmillingcutter, hobbling knife, round paper cuttingknife.
Horizontal Travel of the Operating table270mm
Longitudinal travel of the operating table170mm
Area of the operating table130*600mm
Elevating Distance of Wheel Head140mm
Rotating Angle of Wheel Head360°
Grinding Wheel Size125*50*32mm
Speed of grinding Wheel2800 RPM
Net Weight / Gross Weight145/160kg
Power550w 220v/380v
Package Size760*650*650mm
Diameter 5.00~20.00mm