As you know , Sandvik insert of deep hole has stop produce, and some customer still use Sandvik type insert and BTA drill head,Sandvik insert 800 05 0308MCG is as example.

so may be below list is your need. email to us :

NO.Prodcut NameSpecification
1Centeral Inserts800 05 0308MCG
2Centeral Inserts800 06 T 308 MC G
3Centeral Inserts800 08 T 308 MC G
4Centeral Inserts800 10 T 308 MC G
5Centeral Inserts800 12 T 308 MC G
6Intermediate inserts800 05 0308 MIL
7Intermediate inserts800 06 0308 MIL
8Intermediate inserts800 08 0308 MIL
9Intermediate inserts800 12 0308 MIL
10Peripheral inserts800 06 0308HPL
11Peripheral inserts800 08T0308HPL
12Peripheral inserts800 09T0308HPL
13Peripheral inserts800 11T0308HPL
14Support pads800-06A
15Support pads800-07A
16Support pads800-08A
17Support pads800-10A
18Support pads800-12A
19Support pads800-14D
20Support pads800-16D
21Support pads800-18D
22Support pads800-20D
23Insert peripheralR424.9-13T308-22
24Insert peripheralR424.9-13T308-23
25Insert peripheralR424.9-180608-22
26Insert peripheralR424.9-180608-23
27Insert peripheralR424.31-06T300
28Insert centeral and intermediateTPMT16T312TR-22
29Insert centeral and intermediateTPMT16T312TR-23
30Insert centeral and intermediateTPMT220612R-22
31Insert centeral and intermediateTPMT220612R-23
40insertCNMG 642-GN IC 8250
41insertTNMG 160408-PM 1025
42insertTNMG 432-M3P ICB 8250
43insertTNMG160404 R-K-1025