1.During honing with honing head, the cutting speed is low, only one-tenth or even a few tenths of the conventional grinding speed, resulting in a lower cutting temperature, minimal thermal deformation, and virtually no thermal damage or altered layer.

2.During honing, the contact area between the honing head and the workpiece surface is hundreds of times larger than that of grinding, and the number of abrasive grains involved in the honing process is nearly a thousand times to several hundred times more than in conventional grinding. It is a multi-edge cutting process with large contact area, resulting in high metal removal rates and no hardened surface stress deformation layer after machining.

3.Due to the combined rotating and reciprocating motion between the honing head and the workpiece during honing, the cutting path of the abrasive grains on the honing stone forms intersecting helical lines on the workpiece surface, creating a cross-hatched pattern. This is beneficial for storing lubricating oil and forming an oil film, allowing the workpiece to withstand greater loads when in use, resulting in good wear resistance and a longer service life.

4.During honing, the honing bar only bears torque and axial force, without the influence of bending moments, making it particularly suitable for machining workpieces with a large length-to-diameter ratio, which is unmatched by conventional grinding.

5.Honing machines require lower precision because honing relies on the mutual grinding action between the honing stone and the workpiece surface to ensure machining accuracy and surface roughness. Additionally, a floating device is usually installed on the workpiece or honing head, so the precision requirements for honing machines are not high, allowing for larger tolerance values, which can be double or more than those of conventional grinders.

6.Honing can be performed not only on honing machines but also by modifying lathes, drilling machines, or handheld drills, making the equipment structure relatively simple.

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